Favorite and Least Favorite Songs

As of right now, my favorite song is called “Warriors” by Imagine Dragons. This song could be found at:

I love the layering of instruments and vocals. The background vocals and the violins make it sound haunting. The guitar and the drums build the song up and grab the attention of anyone listening. Also, I really enjoy the lyrics in this song.

My least favorite song would have to be “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea and featuring Charlie XCX. This song could be found at:

In contrast with “Warriors”, you cannot hear any clear instruments in this song. Every sound is digitized. I also find that the lyrics are seemingly meaningless and the vocals are not impressive. I am a fan of rap music generally, but this song just struck me as annoying when it was popular and played on the radio. “Warriors” evokes emotion and makes those listening feel something when the song is played. Although “Fancy” is catchy, it does not hold the same effect or inspire in any way.


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