Mobile Song

For my song this week, I experimented with the app “Keezy”. It was my first time using the app and I really enjoyed it. One can choose from numerous boards with set sounds and then just press the different colored buttons to form a song. When I first downloaded the app, the first thing I… Continue reading Mobile Song


I tried to take some critiques of my first song of the semester in to consideration when remixing. Something I remembered was that real sounding instruments should not really mix with heavy, fake sounding beats. So, I removed one of my piano beats that was not really meshing well with the synths and drum loops… Continue reading Self-Remix

Peer Remix

This week, I remixed Danielle Pardon’s “Malaguena 2.0”. I loved what she did with it and I found it very interesting. I think it is great the way it is, but I thought I could go into a lot of directions with it. First, I cropped it to take some of the silences out. I… Continue reading Peer Remix