Analyzing a Song Structure

I will be analyzing the song structure of one of my favorite Mayday Parade songs called “Oh Well, Oh Well”. The song could be found at-

The song opens with lyrics, there is no musical intro; but the whole first verse qualifies as an intro because it is much slower than the rest of the song, including the other verses. The first section of this song lasts 16 measures. Then, the pre-chorus has a duration of 18 measures. There’s an instrumental break for 15 measures before the song jumps into verse 2. Verse 2 has 30 measures. The first real chorus has 36 measures to it and then the song has another instrumental break for 10 measures. Verse 3 has 30 measures too, similar to verse 2. Chorus 2 lasts 50 measures. Then the bridge comes in with 45 measures. Then the song plays the something similar to the first verse again from the beginning as an outro. This section lasts 16 measures.



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