Mobile Song

For my song this week, I experimented with the app “Keezy”. It was my first time using the app and I really enjoyed it. One can choose from numerous boards with set sounds and then just press the different colored buttons to form a song. When I first downloaded the app, the first thing I did was look through the list of boards and listen to all the sounds each one offered. I decided my favorite board was the one called “Zouky”. It came with 8 distinct sounds- each board does. The app also has a function where it will record what you play. It took me many takes because I kept messing up the timing and I forgot where each sound was located a few times. The app is pretty simple to navigate though and I’d like to use the app in the future. I really like some of the sounds it comes with and the boards are super helpful because it already identifies which sounds go together well.


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