Peer Remix

This week, I remixed Danielle Pardon’s “Malaguena 2.0”. I loved what she did with it and I found it very interesting. I think it is great the way it is, but I thought I could go into a lot of directions with it. First, I cropped it to take some of the silences out. I did not crop it significantly, but I took out maybe 10 seconds of it. There was a part towards the end that just seemed to me like it was going to end, but it picked back up again. I just ended it where I originally thought the song would end when I first heard it. Then, I added a piano line. I used and utilized the “Kingston Rhodes 4” loop. I also added the loops “Cupdrums” and “Bass- Cherry 19”. Danielle’s song was very good in my opinion and there are many different parts with it that made playing around with it very fun. There was a lot to go off of and I tried to add to her song without distracting from the melody she made.


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