Creating a MIDI Song

This week, I created a song using MIDI on Garage Band. Instead of importing sources of MIDI from the internet, I just referred to the green loops on Garage Band. The green loops are the signal for MIDI. I accessed the loops “70s Ballad Drums 1”, “80s Pop Beat 10”, “70s Ballad Piano 1”, “Classic Rock Piano 06”, “Classic Rock Steel 04”, “70s Ballad Strings 02”, and “Southern Rock Guitar 02”. I still struggle with pairing loops together to make my songs sound good. I do believe this flows better than my last project though, and I am happy to at least make a little progress. I hope that my songs continue to get better as the semester goes on.

I had a lot of trouble uploading my song onto Soundcloud. My Mac is old and almost broken. It crashed multiple times. I apologize if the quality of the sound is not the best, I ended up having to record the recording that was playing on my laptop on my phone and take the steps to upload it from there because my laptop stopped responding for hours at a time.


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