Making a Loop Song

I loved having the experience of creating my first loop song using It was a long and confusing process, but I take pride in being able to say that I created something, even if my first song is not so great quality wise. Playing with the loops and finding certain ones that sounded good together was rather challenging. For my first project, I accessed the loops called “Flashdrums 2 ST” (Beat), “808SUB ST 2 cm” (Bass), “Disco Twist” (Drums), “Allraw ST cm” (Piano), “Riff 5 cm” (Electric Guitar), “Goldfeet ST cm” (Piano), and “Ghost 1” (SFX). I was limited to the free loops the site had available. I tried to create a song structure using the entering and exiting of the loops in a certain manner. I attempted to create a build up and have the loops slowly fade out towards the end to create a simple ending. I wanted to employ some of the methods and ideas we discussed in class. My first song is on the shorter side, but I am looking to improve in the future. I want to continue working with loops, find loops that go together better, and play with the different possibilities more. I loved working with soundtrap. I spent a lot of time trying to configure the loops together, and although I am proud that I made something, I do believe that if I keep playing with the different controls and really learn what I could do on the site, I could make songs that I am actually truly proud of. I believe this is a legitimate form of musical creativity. The possibilities are endless and although loops are provided, what one can do with them could make them sound completely different. You can stutter them, cut them, make them fade in and out, adjust the volumes of each loop when they are paired together, change the pitch, and create your own tune. I found this assignment very challenging and very rewarding. I enjoyed working with it, but I wish I found a way to do a better job with it. I am new to the world of music technology and I do not play any instruments. I struggled finding loops that didn’t sound horrendous together, and the end result still might be slightly horrendous. I want to improve it and test what I could really do using this site.


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